Author: Tim Schatz

October 20, 2023
Lester Testimonial

I have greatly appreciated and valued the wise counsel and assistance that Tim and his staff have provided me as I have sorted through my healthcare options while transitioning from my work life into retirement. Tim helped me prepare and

September 19, 2023
RxDC and impacts on small employers’ health insurance

Prescription Drug Reporting The No Surprises Act, which is a part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act,  require group health plans share information about their prescription drug and healthcare spending to the Department of Labor (DOL), Health and Human Services (HHS), and the

August 2, 2023
Essential Health Benefits

Key Benefits of Essential Health Services The Affordable Care Act (ACA), enacted in 2010, brought significant changes to the healthcare landscape in the United States. Designed to overcome barriers and improve access to health insurance, the ACA mandated insurance companies to

July 11, 2023
What is MNsure

Options When Shopping for Health Insurance Understanding health insurance can be overwhelming, like dealing with a constantly changing live animal. It has its own set of rules and a language that can be hard to grasp. In this blog, we

June 1, 2023
Medicare Part D Penalties

Avoid Higher Costs with Medicare Part D Medicare Part D is a crucial coverage that provides prescription drug benefits through private insurance companies. Unless you have VA benefits, it's essential to enroll in Medicare Part D when you become eligible

June 1, 2023
Medicare Part B Penalties

Avoid Higher Costs with Medicare Part B Enrolling in Medicare after the age of 65 can lead to higher costs, including penalties for late enrollment. Let's explore how these penalties can apply to Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D

May 17, 2023
Minnesota Family and Medical Leave Bill Proposal

2023 MN Family and Medical Leave Bill On May 8th the Minnesota Senate voted 34-33 to pass the statewide mandatory Paid Family and Medical Leave Act.  This comes a week after the Minnesota House passed their version of the bill in a

May 8, 2023
Rising Cost of Healthcare

Trends Impacting the Rising Cost of Employer Benefits It is no secret that the rising cost of healthcare in the United States has risen sharply over the past two decades and show no signs of slowing.   Employers now face

April 13, 2023
ICHRA and Medicare

Staying compliant with ICHRA and Medicare Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Accounts (ICHRA) are a great tool to help control budgeting healthcare costs and your employees, but what happens when your employee is eligible for Medicare?  When adopting the ICHRA benefit

March 23, 2023
Technology Matters

Save Time with Electronic Enrollments The days of collecting a seven-page employee application for every one of your employees has long been over. Technology has provided many benefits in organizing and streamlining enrollment information for employers for many years. The

March 15, 2023
Reviewing & Understanding your Medical Bills

How to Review Your Medical Bills Medical bills are complex and hard to read, making it difficult to see exactly what you are paying for. We tend to see charges being lumped together instead of them being itemized from hospitals

March 8, 2023
Medicare & Social Security Enrollments

Enrolling into Medicare & Social Security at the same time When it comes to taking retirement benefits from Social Security and Medicare, it may not always make sense to enroll in both benefits at the same time. Typically, individuals are

January 11, 2023
Medicare Saving Account Plans (MSA)

MSA - Medicare Savings Account When it comes to Medicare in Minnesota, there are over 400 plan combinations that an individual can have. Choices are great but shopping for coverage alone can quickly seem overwhelming. Medicare Savings Account (MSA) plans

January 4, 2023
Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement

Can I reimburse my employee for health insurance costs? It is rare something in the health insurance industry can be classified as “exciting”, but an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement  is EXCITING!  This type of health reimbursement account (HRA) is

Medicare Part D and Donut Hole
January 3, 2023
Medicare Part D & the Donut Hole

Medicare Part D & the Donut Hole Medicare Part D may seem simple at the surface, but it can create surprises for some Medicare beneficiaries. There are features within this coverage that's unique to Medicare and can lead to higher

December 14, 2022
Level Funded Group Health Insurance

Why Level-Funded Group Health Insurance Plan? Getting away from the traditional fully insured health plans has been a goal for many employers since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) took full effect in 2014.  Once the ACA was fully implemented, small

Medicare private insurance options
August 14, 2022
Why purchase insurance with my Original Medicare?

Why do I need to purchase insurance with Original Medicare? Medicare does not cover all your medical needs at 100% and does not cover everything. It also does not have a max out of pocket  with your coverage and private

June 14, 2022
What does Original Medicare cover?

What does Original Medicare cover? Medicare can seem daunting at times and if you are approaching your 65th birthday, it can feel like you have a target on your back with all the solicitations that you are receiving from health

April 28, 2022
Cost of Group Health Insurance

How much does it cost for group health? While it may seem like a simple question, there are many factors involved which can alter the price dramatically when you are shopping for group health insurance. Here are some factors that

March 3, 2022
Why Group Health Insurance

Why Group Health Insurance? Human Resource professionals have been warning of labor shortages for years. An aging population with more retirees than new hires, coupled with slowing immigration and a host of other factors, means employers are increasingly finding it more

March 1, 2022
What should I consider when reviewing Medicare plans?

What should I consider when reviewing Medicare plans? Understanding the complexities of Medicare can be daunting and knowing when to start planning is crucial to avoid unnecessary costs. It is best to begin planning within six to twelve months of