Uncovering The Medicare Maze

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Medicare Part D Penalties

Avoid Higher Costs with Medicare Part D Medicare Part D is a crucial coverage that provides prescription drug benefits through private insurance companies. Unless you

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Income & Medicare Premiums

IRMAA -for Medicare Beneficaries Medicare does not cost the same for everyone, and some individuals are subject to pay higher premiums due to their income.

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Medicare & HSA

Medicare & HSA You made it! It may seem surreal that Medicare is finally approaching your doorstep and the discussions around the water cooler about

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  • Not Signing Up When You Are Initially Eligible.

    Knowing your timeline to either enroll or defer Medicare is extremely important. Taking advantage of your Initial Enrollment Period (when turning 65) is pertinent to ensure you are not paying higher cost for your medical insurance.

  • Assuming Medicare Covers Everything

    There is no limit on out-of-pocket costs with Original Medicare. Neither Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B offer 100% coverage for hospitalization or medical services. Original Medicare also does not provide coverage for medications (Part D), dental care, and hardware for vision and hearing.

  • Selecting A Plan Without All The Facts

    Choosing your plan based off of premium amounts could cause you to have higher costs with your services. Each plan comes with a summary of benefits and it is important that you are reviewing the Evidence of Coverage and not just their plan highlights.

  • Not Taking Advantage Of Open Enrollment

    The Annual Election Period (open enrollment) is every calendar year from October 15th through December 7th. During this time, insurance companies can change their premiums, networks, and copay amounts. Be sure to review your plan so you know how these changes can affect you for the following year.

  • Thinking You Will Be Penalized If You Do Not Act Now

    Medicare is not automatic for everyone and signing up just because you are 65 is not always best. There are multiple times of the year when Medicare allows you to enroll without being subject to penalties. If you plan to work past of the age of 65, you could delay Medicare and enroll when you retire with a Special Election Period.

  • Opting Out Of Drug Coverage Because You Do Not Take Any Drugs

    Not electing a Medicare Part D drug plan when initially eligible can make you face a penalty that grows more every year you go without coverage. Some private insurance options will offer Medicare Part D coverage with their benefits.

  • Assuming Your Spouse Is Covered Because You Are

    Medicare is completely individualized. You must break away from doing everything as a family policy. What policy your spouse goes with does not mean the best for yourself.

  • Choosing A Plan That Does Not Cover Your Doctors Or Drugs

    Every carrier has a different network and formulary. It is crucial that you enroll into a plan that covers all your doctors/facilities, as well as prescription drugs.

  • Enrolling Into A Plan That Your Friend/Neighbor Says Is The Best

    Policies are like not like clothes. One size does not fit all. What works for your friend, might not be best for you.

  • Making A Decision Without Speaking To A Medicare Expert

    Did you know that working with us is at no cost to you? Call today to get the help you have been longing to receive. We are not biased to any carrier over the other. We are shopping specifically for you and work as your advocate along the way.