Technology Matters

Save Time with Electronic Enrollments

The days of collecting a seven-page employee application for every one of your employees has long been over. Technology has provided many benefits in organizing and streamlining enrollment information for employers for many years. The cost for these suite of tools can get costly and may not have all the information you need in one spot.

Imagine a virtual place where employees can see their plan design options, differences in cost, provider directories, prescription drug formularies, other employee policies, procedures, and even your employee handbook in a one-stop easy-to-use online platform! And what if this platform simplified the application process for your employees.

Meet EASE! This tool comes at no cost with your health insurance benefits when you use Schatz Benefit Group as your agent.

What is EASE?

Ease is an online platform that will streamline and organize employee benefits and documents. Having access to HR documents and benefit information right from your phone gives employees the resources they need to make fast, well-informed decisions 24 hours a day. Their electronic enrollment process makes it a breeze for your employees to have everything at the tip of their fingers.

How does it work?

On Ease, employees will receive an e-mail when they are hired and during open enrollment instructing them to log-in and view their employee benefits and any HR documents your company would like employees to review. During the enrollment process, employees enter their information and review their benefit options and information. New hires will also complete their onboarding which includes I-9s, W-2s, direct deposit information, emergency contacts, and other information the employer posts to the site. All electronically signed documents are saved on the website for easy access by employers and your HR administrators.


Still have questions or wondering what the benefits are for your company? Reach out to our team for a quick consultation. There is not charge for our services for small employers.  One of  the most important resource any employer can have is a trusted broker who can walk them through the complexities.