• Not Signing Up When You Are Initially Eligible

    Knowing your timeline to either enroll or defer Medicare is extremely important. Taking advantage of this timeframe when turning 65 is pertinent to ensure you do not miss anything!

  • Assuming Medicare Covers Everything

    Neither Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B offer 100% for hospitalization or medical. There is no out of pocket maximum with Medicare.

  • Selecting A Plan Without All The Facts

    With every policy, comes with their own evidence of coverage booklet. These booklets are 100-200 pages of guidelines and restrictions.

  • Not Taking Advantage Of Open Enrollment

    Open Enrollment is every calendar year from October 15th through December 7th. Policies can change premiums, networks, formularies, and its important to know how these changes can affect you for the next year.

  • Thinking You Will Be Penalized If You Do Not Act Now

    There are several rules and regulations that you need to be aware of, but by knowing those and how they work you can avoid penalty.

  • Opting out of Drug Coverage Because You Do Not Take Any Drugs

    We get not wanting to enroll and pay for coverage that you do not need. However, by not electing a Part D drug plan when initially eligible can make you face a penalty that grows more every year you go without.

  • Assuming Your Spouse Is Covered Because You Are

    Medicare is completely individualized. You must break away from doing everything as a family policy. What policy your spouse goes with does not mean the best for yourself.

  • Choosing A Plan That Does Not Cover Your Doctors Or Drugs

    Every carrier has a different network and formulary. It is crucial that you enroll into a plan that covers all your doctors/facilities, as well as prescription drugs.

  • Enrolling Into A Plan That Your Friend/Neighbor Says Is The Best

    Policies are like not like clothes. One size does not fit all. What works for your friend, might not be best for you.

  • Making A Decision Without Speaking To A Medicare Specialist

    Did you know that working with a broker is at no cost to you? Call us today at to get the help you desperately need!
    We are not bias with one policy over another. We are shopping specifically for you!