Essential Health Benefits

Key Benefits of Essential Health Services

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), enacted in 2010, brought significant changes to the healthcare landscape in the United States. Designed to overcome barriers and improve access to health insurance, the ACA mandated insurance companies to provide essential health benefits. MNsure is Minnesota’s marketplace where you can shop for health insurance plans that guarantee acceptance (no health questions require with application) and provides coverage for the following services. In this blog, we’ll explore the 10 essential health benefits offered under the ACA, ensuring individuals have access to vital services such as emergency care, preventative care, and pediatric care.

Essential Benefits Covered:

1. Ambulatory Services

Services including ambulance rides and additional ambulatory services are covered when they are deemed medically necessary.  The cost share will differ based on your insurance plan.

2. Emergency Services

n the case of an emergency your covered under the ACA.  Emergency services are defined as medical situations that would lead a person with an average knowledge of health to expect that a delay in treatment could result in serious harm to their health.  The ACA requires insurance plans to cover emergency services regardless of whether the provider is in or out of network and without requiring prior approval from the insurance company.

3. Hospitalizations

The ACA mandates that hospitalizations due to illness or surgical procedures are covered by insurance plans. This critical benefit ensures individuals have access to necessary medical care during extended stays in hospitals.

4. Pregnancy Care

Maternity care and new born care services are required under all ACA plans to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby.

5. Mental Health

Under the ACA, mental health services, including behavioral health treatment, counseling, psychotherapy related services must be covered by insurance plans. This empowers individuals to seek support for their mental well-being without financial constraints.

6. Prescription Drugs

The ACA requires insurance plans to share the cost of prescribed medications. This provision enables individuals to access necessary drugs without facing exorbitant expenses.

7. Rehabilitation

Whether recovering from physical or mental illness, the ACA ensures access to inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation services. This benefit aids individuals in regaining their health and well-being.

8. Lab Services

To review progress with medications or test for medical conditions, the ACA mandates coverage for lab services. Regular testing becomes more accessible, allowing for early detection of potential health issues.

9. Preventative Care

Essential preventative care services, such as screenings and early detection tests, are covered under the ACA. This proactive approach helps individuals monitor their health and catch potential illnesses in their early stages.

10. Pediatric Care

Pediatric care is a fundamental aspect of the ACA, ensuring all children have access to medical services, including dental care, for their overall well-being.

The Affordable Care Act has revolutionized healthcare accessibility in the United States by mandating essential health benefits. With coverage for emergency services, preventative care, and pediatric care, among other critical services, the ACA has improved the lives of millions of Americans. Individuals and families now have the assurance of receiving necessary medical attention and support without worrying about excessive premium costs or denied health coverage.

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